The Secret

The Best Part!
This is the part that I love the most...getting to know each other.  

The job of the photographer is to bring out and capture the real personality of the person in front of their camera.  The technical part should be a given.  The best way that I know of to bring out your best, is to take my time during our session and for us to learn a little bit about each other.

I want your photo session to be an experience!
I want you to have fun!
I want you to feel relaxed!

VERY rarely does someone come into my studio and feel relaxed about having their picture taken.  Most of us are a little uncomfortable....AND....HERE IS MY POINT.....this discomfort shows on our face.  Only when you are relaxed am I able to capture the real you!  THAT is why it is so important for me to make you feel comfortable!

The reason that I'm opening myself up and telling you a bit about me in the section below is so that we have something to talk about the moment we meet.  You already know a little about me and now I hope to learn a bit about you.  This is when the trust begins.

Bring To Your Photo Shoot
Bring your iPod or favorite music.  We'll play it during our studio session.  
Bring the clothes that make you feel comfortable.  Bring a change of clothes.
If appropriate, bring props or items that represent who you are, your passions, and your interests.
Finally, bring your playful side and your sense of humor.  Let's make this fun!

The Secret
The secret of capturing your best photo is for you to find a place and space in front of my camera that makes you forget that you are in  front of my camera! 

Getting To Know Me

Born May 29, 1963
Five Sons (yep...5 boys!)
AA Degree from Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, IL
BS in Marketing from the University of Tennessee Knoxville
Lived in Chattanooga, TN 1983-85
Lived in Birmingham, AL 1987-1988
Lived in Tampa, FL
Private Pilot
Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Most of My Working Career
Aircraft Sales Professional for 30+ years
Contemporary Hippie (ask  me!...I'll explain)
Passionate about family, freedom, personal responsibility, and quality
Favorite spectator sport - NHL Hockey
Favorite Vehicle Jeep Wranger Unlimted With the Doors Off and the Top Down!
Favorite Comedic Actor is Jim Carrey
My Superpowers are Love and Gratitude
Three Greatest Passions are my wife, sunshine, and fresh air
Daily Goal is Non-Judgement of Others
My Greatest Influence Is My Dad
My Best Friend is My Brother
Favorite Movie (to date) is Avatar
Favorite musician (too many to name but some of my favorites are Joe Bonamassa, Michael Buble,  Amos Lee, Brian Simpson, Sammy Hagar, Down to the Bone, Candy Dulfer, Miguel Migs, Jackson Browne, Bruno Mars, Billy Joel,  Marc Broussard, James Taylor, Bonnie Rait, ....see what I mean?
My greatest to fear.

...and finally...

The one thing that I find the most magical and amazing on a daily basis is how we can capture a fraction of a second as an image. 

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